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Progress More than You Regress

The foundation of Univetica’s philosophy and approach to life is a simple yet powerful concept: netProgression [P>R]. netProgression speaks to the straightforward idea that humanity’s success is determined by our individual and collective ability to progress more than we regress. Mathematically, our philosophy is captured in an elegant expression: P>R.

Univetica represents a systemic shift in thinking and behavior, helping more people make better decisions more often, in life, in business, and in education. Univetica inspires each of us to overcome life’s challenges and move toward:

  • Unity: Because unity allows for greater leverage of resources—which increases opportunities for individual and global progress.
  • Universal Ethics: Because Universal Ethics apply to us all, making them more effective in guiding our actions.
  • Global-Realization: Because everything is interconnected; and because by fulfilling the global community’s potential, we can then fulfill our own.
  • Positive Imbalance: Because Positive Imbalance is about generating more than depleting.
  • Critical Thinking: Because critical thinking optimizes our individual and collective potential for progress
  • Questioning Everything: Because questioning clears the cobwebs from our old ideas and paves the path for progress.
  • Equal Access and Opportunities: Because equal access and opportunities makes it more likely that we find solutions that benefit us all.


But, Univetica is more than just a philosophy. It is an innovative decision making guide that transcends social, cultural, economic, educational, religious, and political barriers. Something magical happens when people come together to achieve a common goal. At Univetica Inc., we strongly believe that our actions as individuals can make a profound collective impact. Whether in personal life, in business, or in education, Univetica can provide the tools and resources to help you succeed, locally and globally.



A Fresh, Innovative Approach to Life

Univetica’s fresh, innovative approach to life serves as a dynamic blueprint for creating a thriving global community. Using a practical approach to critical thinking and problem solving, Univetica provides a platform for timely, and identifiable, systemic change. What kind of change? Change that improves our daily lives, at home, at work, and in education.

Univetica suggests:

  • It is only when the global community is working at its full potential that we, as individuals, can hope to realize our own
  • That divisive ideologies have created many of the vast challenges facing humanity
  • That conventional virtues and vices often contradict one another and that we require a new set of universal ethics
  • That the road to progress is paved with questions, that we must, in fact, question everything
  • That our very definition of life restricts us from considering the world in broader terms



Simple Tools for Profound Change

In a world of increasing complexity, Univetica offers a refreshingly simple, yet profound, approach to life and problem solving. Take a look at just a few of the current challenges facing us all: the global economic crisis, environmental calamities, wars, educational inequities, poverty, and human rights violations. How can we cope? And more important, how can we help put an end to these problems? Univetica better prepares us, individually and collectively, to face these challenges and overcome their root cause: divisive ideologies.

Univetica’s approach includes:

  • Taking a broad look at the challenges we confront every day, moving beyond the narrow confines of policy and political agendas
  • Considering our own actions in light of those challenges
  • A universal set of ethics that transcends socioeconomic, geographical, political, religious, and cultural barriers
  • Providing each of us a platform from which we can instigate progressive dialogue, based on critical thinking and questioning
  • Developing and implementing innovative strategies to problem solve
  • A way to leverage interconnectedness to become a more dynamic part of the larger global community



Because to Thrive, We Need a Better Way Forward

The challenges facing humanity touch every one of us—from political corruption to terrorism, from poverty to discrimination, from educational inequities to environmental degradation and beyond. Solving these problems requires participation from each of us and a better way forward. The times demand transcending social barriers to provide the foundation for practical solutions to our challenges.

Living in a post-nation-state world—where our commitment to the global community is just as important as our domestic allegiances—presents us with an unparalleled opportunity for progress and growth.

Why Univetica now? Because it’s time to:

  • Think strategically about our current challenges and those that lay ahead
  • Pay close attention to alternative perspectives.
  • Embrace diversity, not solely for political purposes, but for how it can enhance our solutions.
  • Reexamine ourselves and our ethical standards, especially where they hinder progress.
  • Stand up to hypocrisy.
  • See ourselves as more than just our egos.
  • Distinguish our past from our future.
  • Move from a passive existence to active participation in the global community
  • Construct a new social pact that includes each and every one of us.
  • Question everything


Our goal is to connect and share the ideas that make up Univetica and, most important, begin the conversation with others, locally and globally, who share our passion for positive social change. “Because it is when we cease asking questions, when we stop being self-critical, and when we no longer engage with others, that we surrender our ability to grow—to progress.” (Univetica p. xi)

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