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THINK: Question Everything

  • Ask yourself how humanity is faring today

  • Identify divisive ideologies at work in the world today

  • Question the definition of reality—and of life itself

  • Take the Free Will Challenge, found in Univetica: Compelling Change

  • Try out Univetica’s Truth Marble Theory, from Univetica: Compelling Change

  • Decide if you want to be part of a thriving global community—and leap in.


DO: Transform Ideas Into Action

  • Find Out What Univetica is All About: Read Univetica: Compelling Change.

  • Spread the Word: Tell others about Univetica and the book, and Link to Us from your blog, website, or social network pages.

  • Ask Questions, Provide Feedback: Contact us with your thoughts and questions.

  • Stay Informed: Sign up for our free newsletter.

  • Other Support: Sponsor Univetica and become an agent for change in the community.

  • Go Grassroots: Organize a local event, book club, or an online forum to discuss Univetica: Compelling Change and download the free Discussion Guide.

  • Go Viral: Add Univetica links and graphics to your website, blog, or social networking page. Visits our Links & Downloads page.


THRIVE: Realize your potential and the world's

  • Transcend political, social, and religious ideologies and live freer

  • Progress more than you regress—and find happiness

  • Discover “positive imbalance”

  • Work toward global cohesiveness and harmony

  • Apply Univetica’s universal ethics to everyday situations and experience greater peace and understanding

  • Embrace the hope that we are capable of overcoming the challenges confronting us all